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100% Real Yarsagumba

100% Real Yarsagumba

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Keedajadi(Yarsagumba), also referred to as "Himalayan Viagra," is a unique wild mushroom that thrives on a specific breed of caterpillars. Its distinctive appearance, resembling a half-worm and half-herb, adds to its mystique. This extraordinary herb holds great significance in traditional Himalayan medicine, valued for its aphrodisiac properties and numerous health benefits.

China's athletes, benefiting from the remarkable properties of Keedajadi(Yarsagumba), have achieved exceptional performances in the Olympics, contributing to the soaring demand for this precious herb in China. Its popularity has elevated its price to astonishing heights, with it being sold for up to $50,000 per kilogram or even more in some cases.

The impact of Keedajadi(Yarsagumba) extends beyond individual transactions. According to a report by the IPCSC, the entire economy of towns in the Himalayan regions thrives on the collection and sale of this extraordinary fungus. Approximately 80 percent of families in the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau depend on the income generated from the trade of Keedajadi(Yarsagumba). It has become a lifeline for these communities, supporting their livelihoods and fostering economic stability in the region.

This herb is a real blessing by god for us.

It is believed that it improves general health and well-being and also, it detoxifies the body and boosts immunity, which helps to prevent several diseases. It is also believed that it is beneficial for the heart, lungs, reproductive organs, brain and blood vessels. In general, it is believed that it improves blood circulation, oxygen uptake, stamina, and endurance. Therefore, it is popular among athletes and used by them for increasing their performance.
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